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FIB Products We have a new range of FIB lift-out grids, storage boxes, stubs and holders. A complete range of FIB holders is available which can combine grid and SEM stub samples. We also offer the products from Omniprobe. See the FIB Section or search for F336 and G339

SEM Stubs and Holders We now have a massively increased range of SEM stubs and holders including number sequenced stubs, pin stubs with engraved divisions, angled and orientating, stubs with specimen clips, large and small sizes, low and high profile etc. etc. See our SEM section or search for S546 as an example.

Gatan 3View We can now offer Gatan 3View sample pin stubs, tweezers and storage box. Search for G311

Ketjen Black A carbon black specifically for adding to epoxy resins to make them conductive thus improving results from the Gatan 3View. The high surface area of Ketjen Black enables maximum performance with minimum quantities. Free flowing, easily dispersed and odourless.

Formaldehyde Methanol-Free

A more efficient and rapid fixative when used with glutaraldehyde and acrolein. Search for F017

Immuno Slide Staining Tray

A semi-disposable multi-slide staining system for Histology, Haematology, Cytology and Microbiology laboratories. The immunoslide staining trays are designed for use from-20°C to + 70°C. Search for S283

Quantifoil and C-Flat (Protochips Inc) Ultra-flat Carbon Films

We are now able to offer the full range of C Flat and Quantifoil carbon films that are required for many of todays more demanding microscopy techniques. Please just search for C-Flat or Quantifoil. They are located within the Grids & Specimen Supports Section.

Platinum Blue TEM Stain (Uranyl Acetate Alternative)

We can now supply a platinum blue stock solution for those customers where Uranyl acetate is unavailable due to shipping limitations or prohibited by local regulations. In some cases results can match UA but there is insufficient experience as yet to identify where it may have less effective staining. We will keep a dossier on customer experiences and update progress as we gain more information. Our cat. no. S473.

TAAB EM Stain 336 (Uranyl Acetate Alternative)

Another alternative to Uranyl Acetate in territories where shipping of radioactive substances is difficult to impossible. It is a mixture of lanthanum, samarium and gadolinium salts. Search for S472.

Feather Disposable Blades

TAAB is now able to offer a huge range of Feather disposable knives and holders from routine sectioning to hard tissue and cryostat work. Competitive prices across the whole range. Just search for Feather TEM Embedding Moulds

The Gilder EM5 is a newly designed polypropylene 8mm Ų capsule system with a 5 block base each tapering to a 2mm cylindrical cone cap and numbered 1-5. Separate base and body tube sections (1 & 2 shown left) when clipped together form the familiar capsule shape. Resin is easily removed from the system by separating the parts by hand and pushing the cured block out. Blocks up to 20mm in length can be produced but shorter blocks allow easier removal whilst the separate cone base permits easy access for manipulation of specimens. Catalogue no. C317/INT

Correlative Microscopy Coverslips

A unique film reticle for use in Correlative Microscopy with applications in LM, SEM, TEM, High Pressure Cryofixation etc. Designed to specifically allow identification and location of a particular area of interest under brightfield or fluorescence microscopy and sectioning for electron microscopy. Search for M452

LM Micrometer Scales

We have an extended range of micrometer scales for incident and transmitted light with products to cover almost every eventuality in LM measurement. Search for Micrometer Scale.

Anti-vibration Tables

We are now able to supply a complete range of anti-vibration tables for microscopes microtomes and delicate pieces of equipment. Tables are available for electron microscopes and heavy items so please ask if the appropriate table for you is not immediately obvious. Search for anti-vibration.

TAAB replacement resin for Spurr

ERL 4206 is no longer manufactured. As this is a major component of the Spurr resin kit, it means that any stocks remaining will soon be depleted and this resin will no longer be available. Although ERL 4221D (a more viscous form of ERL) can be used as a replacement (see our S024/D), there can be differences between 4206 and 4221D that affect the outcome of the final block and may require changes to protocols. To overcome any possible difficulties, TAAB has developed a new and safer resin to replace Spurr.

This is TAAB`s Low Viscosity resin (TLV). Please contact us for data sheets and a free-of-charge sample. TAAB has produced a standard resin kit (T049)and a range of premix resin kits (T262) to replace the Spurr range of products.

Graphene and Graphene Oxide Support Films

Now available for high resolution and high contrast work. Search for G203/25

High Mesh Number Gilder Grids

Designed to offer improved specimen support with high transmission performance. Search for GG075/C

Smart Tweezers

For measuring the capacitance, resistance and inductance of electronic components. Search for our T575