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TAAB - Specialist Microscopy Supplies

We can provide:

  • Chemicals - Fixatives, buffers, embedding media, solvents, stains, probes.
  • Light Microscopes - Stereo microscopes for life sciences and materials.
  • Accessories - Light sources, filters, slides, coverslips, mountants, storage.
  • Histology & EM - Microtomes, cryostats, knives, cassettes, moulds, fixatives, embedding media, ovens, rotators, work trays, dishes, glass, knifemakers, brushes, razor blades.
  • Materials Science - Lapping and polishing, cloths, discs, brushes, pastes.

Diamond Knives

We are distributors for Diatome, DDK and Microstar diamond knives. We offer a complete service with advice on use, cleaning and advantages for cryo.

Grids - TAAB, Gilder, Maxtaform & Embra

TAAB offers a comprehensive range of specimen support grids from the premier manufacturers, available in a variety of materials and design to suit the most discerning scientist.