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Taab Replacement Resin for Spurr

ERL 4206 is no longer manufactured and is replaced by ERL 4221D a more viscous substitute.This means that the original low viscosity benefits of Spurr are somewhat reduced. We have been advised that sometimes changes to protocols are needed to achieve the expected results.

We now offer our TAAB Low Viscosity Resin (TLV) which provides many of the benefits of Spurr with safer handling. Please contact us for data sheets and a free-of-charge sample. TAAB has produced a resin and a range of premix resin kits to replace the Spurr range of products.

Light Microscope Stains

Alongside our stains for EM we offer over 300 wet or dry stains for LM from Acridine Orange to Ziel-Nielsen plus concentrates for bacteriology.

Formaldehyde 16% w/v (methanol free)

A more rapid and efficient fixative used in conjunction with our glutaraldehyde and Acrolein fixatives. It will fix delicate tissues such as brain in vascular perfusion. Ultra pure formaldeyde avoids the problem of depolymerising paraformaldehyde. It can be used in the Karnovsky method with a buffer of choice.